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Makita TD020DSEW Review

7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit            

makita-td020dsew-7.2-volt-lithium-ion-impact-driverThe "sweet spot" for impact drivers is the 18-Volt category because it meets the needs of the broadest range of users, from professionals to weekend DIY'ers. However, there is an equally great need for an in-line impact driver that can be used in situations that are just too small, delicate or hard to reach for even a compact 18-Volt and this is where the Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt Impact Driver excels. 

A measure of a company's technical ability is in how much power they can pack into the smallest possible package and judging by this tool, Makita has shown without a doubt that they are an industry leader. It has been reported that one will find it difficult to believe that such a small package actually provides rotational impacts for increased torque unlike a regular drill or driver which does not need this complicated mechanism, but this tool delivers. All of Makita's impact drivers are very well thought out and crafted but the Makita TD020DSEW is their crowning effort.

Durable hinge mechanism for maximum flexibilitymakita-td202dsew-impact-drivers
What I really like about the Makita TD020DSEW is its ability to convert easily from in-line pencil to pistol grip operation via a durable hinge mechanism. In either configuration, the tool is very comfortable to hold and work with. It feels solid with its soft grip handle which reduces user fatique tremendously along with its light weight. In situations where a lot of control and precision is required, for example while working on electrical circuit boards where a slip could ruin the board or installing small latches and other hardware on cabinetry where a single scratch or ding could result in the whole piece being rejected, the pencil configuration is perfect. In situations that require a firmer hold on the tool, for example while driving a screw into a 2 x 4, the pistol grip is just right. The tool can be locked in either position with a switch. In fact, even the motor can be locked and the tool used as a plain old screwdriver in the in-line configuration when that is needed.

Real power in a small package
As mentioned before, the little TD020DSEW Makita surprises with its power which is the result of superior engineering. Its proprietary "hammer and anvil" impact mechanism built with special steels and a unique hardening process along with its lithium-ion technology, allow this 7.2-Volt tool to put out almost the same power as a 12-Volt cordless tool and twice the torque as other comparable in-line screwdrivers. To take advantage of extended run time lithium-ion technology, makita designed a 4-pole motor that is more efficient--it generates power every 90 degrees of motor rotation instead of 180 degrees like a 2-pole motor does and as a result, it runs twice as long as a "regular" 7.2-Volt. The tiny motor allows the tool to weigh only 1.2 pounds but its dual-steel ball bearings enable the it to deliver 177 pounds per inch of maximum torque with 2,300 RPM (rotations per minute) and 3,000 IPM (impacts per minute). This allows the Makita TD020DSEW impact driver to perform a very wide variety of fastening and even drilling operations.

Easy all-metal, quick-change, hex, Insty bit chuck
This speeds up bit changes and though it only uses hex shank bits, Makita has an accessory that changes the hex chuck into an older-style 3-jaw chuck for round shanks. This means you can still use older round shank drill bits if you have them lying around.

Built-in LED light for illuminating tight work areas
A handy LED light installed just below the chuck illuminates the tight work areas where this tool is most likely to be used. Very helpfully, it has its own switch so you can prevent its coming on automatically with every pull of the trigger--an annoyance otherwise. This is perfect for electrical contractors who are installing wall plates over electrical boxes and switches. For a HVAC contractor, this would be a much more sensible and versatile tool to carry than an 18-Volt whileenergy star crawling around in attics and working in tight spaces overhead. Touches like this along with its Li-Ion technology and its equally well designed charger give the tool an Energy Star rating and allow it to produce 430% more total lifetime work and 250% more cycles than other comparable tools.

What's included
- 7.2V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pencil Type Impact Drivertd020dsew-makita-kit
- 30 Min. Charger (DC07SA)
- Two 1.0 Ah Li-ion Batteries (BL7010)
- Holster
- 1/8" Drill Bitbuy now
- 4 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set                                                                 
- Carry Case (831272-4)

* 2,300 rpm/3,000 ipm wide range of fastening applications
* convenient 1/4" hex chuck for quick bit changes
* built in LED light
* can operate in straight or pistol grip position-flexibility
* soft grip comfort
* makita proprietary hammer and anvil made of tough hardened steel
* Lithium ion provides longer runtime and slower discharge rate
* earned ENERGY STAR label - good green tool
* When needed, can use tool as a manual screwdriver
* drilling capacity in metal-1/8" to 5/16"
* drilling capacity in wood-7/8" to 1 3/4"
* bolt: 1/" to 5/16"
* SDS bolt: 1/8" to 1/4"

* Quick release 1/4" hex chuck
* max torque 177 in. lbs
* length-inline: 10 7/8"
* length-pistol: 8 3/8"
* weight: 1.2 lbs

 3 year warranty on tool
- 1 year warranty on batteries and charger

Almost all the users of this tool comment on the benefits of the Makita TD020DSEW's small size and light weight on the one hand and its surprising power on the other. It is obviously not a heavy-duty tool or a replacement for one but its authoritative power is unquestionable.

Some users take exception to the noise produced by its impact action and say if it had the same power without the impact driver noise, it would be a first choice. The noise issue is of course common to all impact tools, at least for the time being. Some people have apparently had success in reducing the noise by wrapping the tool in foam and tape. As for myself, I prefer to be able to hear the impact mechanism working so I can tell when it kicks in as there is precious little tactile feedback otherwise.

Price & where to buy
The Makita TD020DSEW 7.2v Impact Driver can be purchased at most online tool sites like Tool King and Amazon for between $80 and $130 when last checked. The best deals always seem to be had at Amazon but it never hurts to check other online stores like Tool King.

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